samedi 1 août 2015

Kings of Savannah (Episode 1) ''I´ll Type Moves'' - Video SMI 8.15

Hi passengers !
Prosuming today this melodious Dubstep music performed by Grant Kwiecinski, the sound was added into this this clip video ''Kings of Savannah'' for  the first episode from the serie to come on this Blogger with co-production from GIF YOUR VID animated pictures. 
Sound : GRiZ is an American DJ and electronic producer from Michigan. He is known for playing the saxophone along with producing funk, electro-soul, and self-described future-funk.
Title : ''I´ll Type Moves'' 
Lenght : 7.55 mn 
    Sony Magellan Images 2.0 prosumes also GIF YOUR VID & ''pinterest'' 
    Added with this numeric report, the amazing imagery seen by GIF YOUR VID on Amazing Wild Life produced by National Geographics Films.
    The production of this Blogger podcast made by imagery & texts from GIF YOUR VID, sound by GRiZ and prosumed in August 1, 2015 by Jean Gregorio for Sony Magellan Images 2.0 is also a video available now on Youtube under the title :  
    1. Five (5) images from ''Amazing Africa'': Savannah National Geographic | Wild Animal Documentary
    2. Lion Cub Roar GoPro Photographer Chris Bray finds the perfect place for his camera capturing this curious lion cub on a safari in Kenya.
    3. Lion Mouth Cam #GoPro curious pair of lions grab a GoPro camera and give us a glimpse of what it's like to be the King of the Jungle.
    4. Rhino Kiss GoPro. Wild Rhino in South Africa. Footage captured by Roan Ravenhill, Ranger at the MalaMala Game Reserve.
    5. OCEAN FILM TOUR Presenting 6 films from above and below the surface telling the tales of people that enjoy and protect our blue planet.
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