mardi 11 août 2015

Kings of Savannah (Episode 3) ''Ape to angel'' - Video SMI 8.15

Hi passengers ! 
Prosuming animated pictures from GIF YOUR VID and soundtrack ''Ape to angel'' performed by Pitch Black into a video produced by Jean Gregorio and edited in August 11, 2015 on Blogger, Youtube & Google+ by Sony Magellan Images 2.0
This third and last episode of serie ''Kings of Savannah'' shows today the wild beauty of Africa and the animals living in it, Earth is a very small pixel in this vast and cosmic arena, this fact must make us more friendly to each other to face the unknown and our future with animals, plants or humans, let´s think about it during these 8.27 mn video lenght ending this saga into Savannahs. 
NB : The next videos from Earth Passenger Series will prosumes soon ''Queens of Oceans'' and follow it virtual travel around our amazing world with animated pictures and still in music.
  • Jean Gregorio : «Many thanks to all providers, followers and visitors». 
Selected GIF YOUR VID animated pictures for Kings of Savannah (episode 3) - Video SMI 8.15 
1 - Amazing Africa !
2 - Wild life of King Gorilla.
3 - Another King with feathers.
4 -  King elephant against tornado...
5 - Savannah National Geographic.
6 - Flying Kings.
7 - A glimpse of what it's like to be the King of the Jungle.
8 - Wings into paradise...
9 - Wonderful Chill Kings of Savannah.
10 - Lazy King Lion closing this saga. The end.
Selected soundtrack : ''Ape to Angel'' performed by Pitch Black
Pitch Black is a New Zealand electronica band that was formed in 1996 by Mike and Paddy. Since then they have released three albums, three remix albums and been on six world tours.
Their third album, Ape to Angel, released in New Zealand on 4 October 2004, gained critical acclaim. The "Ape to Angel" tour was the biggest to date, with 42 shows across the world, including their debut performances in America. 
The remixes of this came out in New Zealand and Australia under the name "Halfway: between Ape and Angel" and in Europe and America as "Frequencies Fall". Their last studio album was "Rude Mechanicals", released in 2007: it came out on the band's own label, Remote Recordings, in Australia and New Zealand; on the Wakyo label in Japan; and on Dubmission Records elsewhere in the world. 
The remixes of this album are coming out as "Rhythm, Sound and Movement" in May 2009. Pitch Black songs have been used on a variety of international film and media, such as CSI: Miami. Also they have worked with Metia Interactive's Cube game for the PlayStation Portable, designing sound, and contributing music...
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