mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Fractal Vibration 2010 - SMI 12.9

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Prosuming tonight soundtrack ''Never slow down'' performed by Vision Quest and the mathematics behind fractals which began in the 17th century when mathematician and philosopher Leibniz considered recursive self-similarity to understand the shapes of Nature and Cosmos. 
Discover Fractal with this podcast produced by Jean Gregorio and uploaded on Youtube in December 30, 2009 by Sony Magellan Images 2.0
Selected pictures for Fractal Vibration 2010 Video SMI 12.9
All pictures are from natural phenomena with the following fractal features :
Approximate fractals found in nature display self-similarity over extended, but finite, scale ranges. The connection between fractals and leaves, for instance, is currently being used to determine how much carbon is contained in trees. 
Examples of phenomena known or anticipated to have fractal features are listed below: 
River networks, fault lines, mountain ranges, craters, lightning bolts, coastlines. 
Mountain Goat horns, trees, geometrical optics, animal coloration patterns. 
Romanesco broccoli, Pineapple heart rates, heartbeat, earthquakes, snow flakes. 
Psychological subjective perception, crystals, blood vessels and pulmonary vessels, ocean waves. 
DNA, various vegetables (cauliflower & broccoli) soil pores, rings of Saturn, Proteins.

Selected soundtrack : ''Never slow down'' performed by Vision Quest (2009)
Vision Quest is a Punk band performing and producing also Hardcore, Hip-Hop and Hemi-sync sound style. 

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