dimanche 9 août 2015

Kings of Savannah (Episode 2) ''Perfect stranger'' - Video SMI 8.15

Hi Passengers !
Prosuming today these new animated pictures from GIF YOUR VID and soundtrack ''Perfect stranger'' produced by Magnetic Man and performed by Katy B voice´s. 
This new video is produced by Jean Gregorio for the series ''Kings of Savannah'' and edited on Blogger, Youtube & Google+ since July 30, 2015 by Sony Magellan Images 2.0 
Discover now all this beautiful imagery made on wild animals, showing the amazing world surrounding us, we cannot anymore destroy what life has build since billions of years...
We are all of us kings & queens of a pixel on this planet, but also perfect strangers to each other. Learning from Nature and loving people, animals and plants is the key for our survival in the future. Think about it during the next 6.05 minutes (Video Lenght).
Episode 2 : Selected pictures for ''Kings of Savannah'' - Video SMI 8.15
1 - The King of all cats by Jacob & Katie Schwarz.
2 - Another king into water.
3 - You don’t have to be a cute animal to show the world how to “Be Together. 
4 - Friendship for ever...
5 - ...or wild fight for survival. 
6 - Our living planet...
7 - ...is full of wild Chill kings.
8 - BBC Wild Life, adventure to be continued on episode 3.
Soundtrack : ''Perfect stranger'' performed by Magnetic Man ft. Katy B
Magnetic Man is an English electronic music project from London, consisting of dubstep producers and DJs Benga, Skream and Artwork (previously known as Menta). 
The trio first met in the late 1990s at the Big Apple Records store in Croydon. They performed using three computers, one playing drum samples, one playing basses and the third playing leads and other samples. 
Artwork controlled the master laptop, to which the other two are synchronised via MIDI. Their sets usually consisted of a mix of original tracks produced together, and live remixes of Benga and Skream's tracks, accompanied by synchronised projected visuals by Novak Collective. 
They signed to Columbia Records in February 2010. Magnetic Man completed their first full-length sellout tour on 5 November 2010. Their eponymous debut studio album, Magnetic Man, was released through Sony by Columbia Records on 10 October 2010.
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