vendredi 28 août 2015

Wakeboarding by Ralph Derome (Episode 2) ''Calistan'' - Video SMI 8.15

Hi passengers !
Prosuming tonight Wakeboarding episode 2 with the soundtrack ''Calistan'' performed by Frank Black and (8) animated pictures generated by GIF YOUR VID from the movie ''Beyond perceptions'' produced by Red Bull Films showing extreme moves from Ralph Derome.
This animation was realised by Jean Gregorio in August 28, 2015 and uploaded on Blogger, YouTube & Google+ by Sony Magellan Images 2.0 
Selected pictures GIF YOUR VID - Storyboard for Video SMI 8.15
1 - ''Beyond Perception'' is... 
2 - The latest Wakeboarding movie...
3 - Produced by Red Bull films. 
4 - A video about Raph Derome
5 - With soundtrack ''Calistan'' 3.23
6 - Performed by Frank Black (US)
7 - Showing extreme Wakeboard moves
8 - With animated pictures generated by GIF YOUR VID.
Selected soundtrack : ''Calistan'' performed by Frank Black (1994)
Frank Black is an american guitar player who has performed with few bands like : Pixies & The Catholics.  In solo he has produced this second album ''Teenager of the year'' in May 20, 1994 in which soundtrack ''Calistan'' was selected for it tempo and added into this podcast. 
This video version was uploaded on YouTube in October 23, 2008 by Crackerdamus101. Enjoy it ^^

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