mercredi 12 août 2015

Queens of Oceans (Episode 1) ''Date with destiny'' - Video SMI 8.15

Hi passengers !
Prosuming today animated pictures generated by GIF YOUR VID and soundtrack ''Date with destiny'' performed by Nightmare on wax for this new serie of videos called ''Queens of Oceans''. 
This new release from Earth Passenger Series is produced by Jean Gregorio and edited since August 12, 2015 on Blogger, Youtube and Google+ by Sony Magellan Images 2.0
The clip shows the amazing beauty filmed into oceans with all it wild life. Marine biodiversity is still one of the most unknown world to discover just below the water surface of our planet. Think about it during this 4.18 mn video lenght.
Selected animated pictures by GIF YOUR VID for Episode 1.
1 - Land, Air and Sea GoPro Heros take you on a VR Experience in full 360 degrees ! 
2 - Million Fish GoPro William Mitchell...  
3 - ...takes an enchanting dive into an infinite sea...
4 - ...of Silversides in Grand Cayman.
5 - ''Deep-Blue'' Great White Shark ever filmed seen in Mexico.
6 - The Dangerous Archipelago OffshoreOdysseys good ship Discovery heads deeper into the Tuamotus, French Polynesia. 
7 - Tales from people that enjoy and protect our blue planet. 
Selected soundtrack ''Date with destiny'' performed by Nightmare on wax.
The longest serving artist on the Warp Records roster. Originally founded in 1988 by George "DJ E.A.S.E." Evelyn and Kevin "Boywonder" Harper. Harper left before the release of Smokers Delight. When playing live they were also joined by MC Toz 180 and guitarist Chris Dawkins.
Downbeat innovator George Evelyn aka DJ E.A.S.E. / Nightmares On Wax is one of the few artists that always remained true to himself, regardless of current musical trends and hypes. Now he has shared a retrospective documentary directed by Rollo Jackson, giving insight into Nightmares on Wax's long-standing career and 25 years of music history...
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